BLH Kicks Off Wellness Program
Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rockville, Maryland — As part of its goals to enhance employee morale, provide an outstanding organizational culture, and maintain and improve the health of its employees, BLH Technologies, Inc., has launched a new Wellness Program. BLH employees can decide whether to participate; however, since its inception in May 2011, more than 50 percent of them have already shown interest and/or been actively engaged in the program.

Wellness Program members participate in various activities and initiatives, including weekly outdoor walks, yoga/Pilates courses, onsite nutrition seminars, and access to monthly Wellness Program newsletters. “BLH senior managers want their employees to know that they are their top priority,” says BLH Wellness Program Leader, Kelly Doran. Ms. Doran further stated that “it’s not every day that you have corporate leaders interested in allowing individuals to maintain a focus on their health and wellness and to take necessary breaks throughout the day.”

Many employees have also conveyed favor for the Wellness Program, both because it is convenient and because it has allowed them to engage in physical activity as a team with other employees. “I like that we are able to get together, be active, and get know one another outside of work. It’s also more convenient for me because I have such a long commute,” says BLH employee Anya Reed.

The Wellness Program has helped improve employees’ health through fitness activities and has provided them with health and nutrition information to make informed decisions. BLH has also begun to see how the program can benefit employee productivity. BLH is devoted to providing high-quality work to its Federal clients and depends on the superior performance of its employees to provide that quality. Although it is too early to comprehensively evaluate BLH’s Wellness Program, several employees have noticed ways that it has positively affected their performance at work. BLH employee Lindsay Waples stated that “I have more energy, and I have been able to incorporate healthy habits into my workday.”

Ms. Doran plans to evaluate the Wellness Program at the end of the fiscal year via a survey questionnaire. She also hopes to hold a meeting with all Wellness Program members to receive feedback and openly discuss the health needs assessment of BLH employees. “We want a program that is sustainable, is cost-effective, and has high return,” says Doran.



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