6 Innovative Outreach Strategies To Promote States’ Healthcare Exchanges
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

6 Innovative Outreach Strategies To Promote States’ Healthcare ExchangesRockville, Maryland ― Since October 2013, more than 3 million people have enrolled in private health insurance. With the ACA in full swing, many states have implemented innovative strategies to promote their healthcare insurance exchanges. We have compiled some winning ACA outreach and education tools below. Did your state make the list?

  • Leveraging sports appeal. Teaming with athletic organizations is especially effective for marketing healthcare insurance exchanges to young people. Massachusetts’s Health Connector runs ads on Red Sox broadcast networks and hosts information booths at games. Colorado’s Connect for Health Colorado runs ads during Rockies baseball games.
  • Opening brick-and-mortar stores. Connecticut’s Access Health CT has opened stores to target the state’s seven biggest and poorest cities. The stores feature Access Health CT’s distinctive orange-and-white motif and will have portable displays.
  • Hosting training sessions and town hall meetings. DC Health Link conducts in-person training sessions for insurance brokers who will sell coverage through the service. During town hall meetings, experts share information on the new Medicaid options and answer questions about the ACA.
  • Partnering with nonprofit organizations. As opposed to contracting with PR firms, Hawaii’s Health Connector has partnered with 34 organizations to boost its education and outreach efforts. With these partners, Hawaii’s efforts reach deeper into each community and connect individuals, families, and small businesses with health insurance and financial assistance options.
  • Posting information cartoon and information videos. Cartoon and videos are excellent tools to reach low-literacy populations. Kentucky’s Kynect uses a cartoon to explain the state’s healthcare options. Similarly, Maryland’s Health Connection explains its healthcare exchange with a short cartoon.
  • Unconventional tools and new media. Beyond the above discussed tools, a few states developed unconventional tools to advertise the new healthcare insurance exchanges. Washington’s Health Plan Finder prints ads on prescription bags and advertises on Pandora Internet Radio.

“BLH recognizes and praises these states for their innovative strategies to get the more than 48 million uninsured Americans covered by affordable healthcare,” says Benjamin L. Harris, BLH President and CEO.

Don’t forget that Monday, March 31, 2014, is the deadline for open enrollment. If you want an insurance plan through the federal or state marketplaces, you must enroll by this date.

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