BLH Gives Back
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Benjamin L. Harris, President and CEO of BLH Technologies (BLH), believes that good values attract good people. Each year, BLH honors one team member who best exemplifies industriousness, initiative, loyalty, skill, poise, and competitive greatness, among other attributes (as described in Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success) that make this individual and the company successful.

The BLH Teammate of the Year is not only honored at a company-wide celebration but also selects the organizations to which the company will provide generous donations on his or her behalf. This year’s recipient selected the following organizations:

  • Children’s Health Fund, which delivers high-quality health care to America’s most disadvantaged children
  • American Red Cross, which provides compassionate care to those in need by preventing and relieving suffering at home and around the world
  • Armed Services YMCA of the USA, which provides specialized programs and support to military service members and their families.

“This award is a great way to recognize a loyal team member and to give back to our community through donations to these great charities,” explains Mr. Harris. “We’re humbled that we’re able to help those in need and to make the world a little brighter.”


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