Culture Matters
Benjamin L. Harris, CPA, CGMA

Culture MattersBob Dylan once sang, “He not busy being born is busy dying.” Creative grammar aside, the man’s got a point. I take this as a business maxim; if a company isn’t growing, it’s in serious trouble. We must never rest on our laurels and just be satisfied with the contracts we have. It’s imperative to constantly innovate, grow, and reinvent ourselves when necessary. We can’t ever sit still.

Business development is essential to growth, but it’s only one ingredient in the soup. Another critical ingredient involves ensuring employees’ trust and confidence. We’ve worked very hard to build a secure team of talented professionals at BLH Technologies (BLH). Our team members thrive without the fear, gossip, blame, rivalry, and greed that can often overtake small companies, especially those that, like us, are in growth mode.

Fortunately, our BLH team is exemplary not only in its various skills but in its collegiality. We’ve stayed ahead of negativity, even when the pressure is on. How have we done it? I can sum it up in one word—culture. Put simply, we succeed because our culture demands it.

Culture can be an amorphous thing, but I believe ours is rooted in the following six core values, which have led to our culture of success.

1. Quality

Deliver or exceed client expectations on quality. BLH employs smart, down-to-earth people who work as team players and routinely expend whatever effort is required to complete a task on time at the highest level of quality.

2. Integrity

Provide the right services at the right price. The foundation of our business ethic is our ability to provide clients with expert services that lead to predictably high-level results. We work with our customers to meet project needs within agreed-on timelines and budgets.

3. People

Create an environment of respect and dignity. BLH respects its employees’ quality-of-life needs. We are all accountable to each other, and we support each other with honor and authenticity. Strengthening team relationships and creating an environment of trust and compassion has led us to new, higher levels of success.

4. Clients

Be a major contributor to our clients’ success. BLH selects employees with the right combination of disciplines, skills, attitude, and commitment to get the job done. The essence of our culture is knowing that our only real asset is a satisfied customer.

5. Profits

Expand productivity, creativity, and profitability. As we support each other, we increase productivity and reasonable profits to reinvest in the company and to sustain future growth. BLH achieves this growth by continuing to focus on the value we place on quality, integrity, our people, and our clients.

6. Community

Be good corporate citizens. BLH continues to engage our local and global communities to help make a difference. Community work helps build teamwork and enthusiasm.

I’m proud of our team here at BLH because we, to a person, always act in a manner that reflects these BLH core values. We act ethically and responsibly, communicate clearly, and follow through on our commitments. We must say what we mean and do what we say. That’s our culture, and that’s why I’m confident that we’ll continue to succeed.