BLH Walks To Find Cure for Type 1 Diabetes
Friday, June 10, 2016

BLH Walks To Find Cure for Type 1 DiabetesDespite the threat of inclement rainstorms on a recent Sunday morning, a team of BLH staff members gathered near the Washington Monument to participate in the JDRF (previously named the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) One Walk®.

Called “juvenile” diabetes in the past because it was frequently diagnosed in and associated with young children, Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease that can suddenly affect individuals; an equal number of children and adults are now diagnosed—approximately 110 people every day. With T1D, the pancreas stops producing insulin, which requires monitoring blood-sugar levels, injecting insulin through a pump, and carefully balancing these insulin doses with eating and activity.

Millions of people live with T1D. There is no way to prevent T1D, and there is currently no cure. Through its One Walk®, JDRF raises the funds needed to provide support to individuals with T1D, further knowledge about T1D, and promote partnerships to fund research.

We are proud to have been part of the JDRF One Walk®, which brings together more than 900,000 people across the United States to better the lives of people living with T1D.  Benjamin Harris, President and CEO of BLH Technologies, said, “T1D is a very important public health concern, and this walk was a great opportunity to help improve the health of others by raising awareness and funds; plus, we improved our own health by getting some exercise—a win-win situation. There are walks and runs that support many different causes—find one that’s meaningful to you.”