Good Health Should Be Accessible and Attainable for Everyone
Benjamin L. Harris, CPA, CGMA

Good Health Should Be Accessible and Attainable for EveryoneWe at BLH Technologies believe that good health should be accessible and attainable for everyone. The term health disparities includes health care disparities (i.e., differences in the access to or availability of health care facilities and services) and health status disparities (i.e., variations in rates of the occurrence of diseases, disabilities, and deaths caused by them among socioeconomically and/or geographically defined groups). These variations can be caused by disparities in race, ethnicity, disability, sex or gender, sexual orientation, geography, and income.

The issue of health status disparities has become an increasingly important one, and much research is being conducted to focus on health disparities experienced by racial and ethnic minorities, the rural and urban poor, and other medically underserved populations. In addition, another health status disparity, disability, can affect one’s physical access to health care, especially if the person with the disability needs to travel to a health care facility that is far from accessible transportation. Income is also an important factor that affects one’s financial access to health care.

Regarding sex and gender influences on health and disease, research has found that women have more difficulty in quitting smoking than men because women absorb nicotine faster, and women could be more predisposed than men to non-nicotine factors, such as the social and sensory stimuli associated with smoking. An understanding of these differences can help guide professionals in targeting their treatment efforts.

Due to the existence of health disparities, we realize the importance of ensuring that certain populations, including minorities, women, and other medically underserved groups, are represented in research and clinical trials. For example, when women are included in studies, it is important to analyze data by sex so that researchers can determine if there are sex differences in therapy for a particular disease.

The BLH team believes that all people should be able to attain good health and that differences among individuals should not influence a person’s ability to achieve it. We are continually working with our clients to reduce the impact that social determinants have on the health outcomes of certain populations to improve the health of everyone.