Welcome to BLH!

BLH Technologies®, Inc., provides award-winning public health, communications, safety solutions, and technology to Federal, commercial, and nonprofit clients through our four core servicesdata analytics and research, communications and outreach, safety monitoring, and technology solutions. BLH helps its clients advance their public health, project management, and other program goals by using the latest management, document development, and technology innovations.

I founded this company in 2003 after serving with the multinational forces in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm as a Medical Services Officer. Since then, I’ve devoted my career to the development of innovative systems that can enhance communication and national and global public health initiatives. Our company theme reflects those efforts: Innovative Solutions for a Changing World.

At BLH, we manage large, multiyear contracts and provide guidance to our clients, including numerous Federal agencies, with a focus on health, communications, and technology. Our excellent reputation, superior client service, and talented team have enabled us to hone our skills, expand our client base, and work collaboratively and creatively with our clients to develop solutions for difficult challenges.

We are headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, the hub of a diverse collection of health, science, and technological talent. As befits our high-profile clients and partners, our employees are the best in the business, and their efforts and expertise epitomize our mission: Research. Innovate. Succeed. It’s at the core of everything we do.

At BLH, we understand the need to constantly adapt in a rapidly changing world. We work with our clients and partners to help solve complex problems. As such, BLH, its clients, and its partners need to collaborate and coordinate our efforts to help ensure that key information, documents, and innovations are received, understood, and lasting.

If you endeavor to help your organization achieve its strategic goals, BLH is a great partner and adviser that can take on that task. Our work is challenging but rewarding, and we are continually expanding our resources, project base, and team talent, with an eye always trained on identifying potential partners. We serve our clients and work with our partner organizations to improve health and to increase access to evidence-based solutions. If you’re up to the challenge, join us!


Benjamin L. Harris, CPA, CGMA