BLH Technologies Kicks Off 2012
Monday, January 23, 2012

Rockville, Maryland – As we embark on 2012, BLH Technologies, Inc., reflects on a successful year that brought new talent and new clients to the company. The year 2011 was a dynamic year for BLH.

In 2011 BLH kicked off five initiatives―Innovations, Wellness, Training and Continuing Education, Recruitment, and Communications―that bring together strategies to advance BLH within the health and science fields; indeed, each initiative serves a different purpose. The Innovations initiative aims to introduce the latest methods, processes, and technologies to BLH and our clients; the Wellness initiative promotes health and well-being among employees; the Training and Continuing Education initiative provides employees with opportunities to expand their skill set; the Recruitment initiative aims to bring top-notch employees and subject matter experts to BLH; and the Communications initiative works to enhance BLH’s internal and external communication efforts and networks.

“In regards to BLH’s overall strategic plan, our five initiatives are helping BLH to advance into cool new areas,” says BLH President and Chief Executive Officer, Benjamin L. Harris. “These initiatives will help us recruit and retain high-skilled employees and subject matter experts, offer our clients innovative solutions, and continue to enhance our work.”

BLH looks forward to continued growth and enhancement in 2012 and expects it to be another promising year for the company—one that will bring even more clients and skilled employees to BLH. “We expect to continue to expand and offer our clients even greater services. Big things are going to happen for BLH in 2012, and we are ready.”


BLH Technologies, Inc. is an information technology and communications management consulting firm that provides comprehensive services to national and international Federal and State governments and private-sector businesses, including those in the health and science fields. BLH’s services include research and evaluation, program management and technical assistance, communication and outreach, information technology, and financial management. BLH’s Web site is