From Data Silos to Predictive Modeling: Capitalizing on Data Analysis for Success
Friday, March 15, 2013

Rockville, Maryland –– In data analysis, predictive modeling is now replacing the data silo as the preferred method of analysis. In the quickly changing world of global public health, the success of health programs relies on using the most innovative techniques to efficiently and effectively collect and evaluate data. BLH understands that instead of viewing data in “silos,” programs must be understood as a whole comprising various parts that influence and affect each other. We take this approach when conducting data analyses and evaluations of programs and projects, as this approach helps us predict, rather than simply explain, data and related outcomes.

Our research expertise enables us to help clients conceptualize and implement new programs and enhance existing programs to better serve their constituents. Once programs and projects are in place, we offer monitoring tools, including customized Web-based tracking systems, for automated and instant reporting of project progress. With our skills in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, we conduct fact-checking, data cleaning and coding, and statistical analysis, using various statistical software programs. We can also draw from a pool of subject-matter experts, such as statisticians and biostatisticians, for advanced data analysis.

Based on our data tracking and analysis, we provide recommendations to our clients on improving their communication efforts to effectively reach their goals. BLH offers a range of process and outcome evaluations, including the development and administration of quantitative and qualitative surveys, focus groups, pivot table analyses, and Web-based evaluation systems, to assist our clients in identifying the progress made, outcomes achieved, and expected timelines.

“We look at the big picture when providing our clients with data analysis and evaluation to achieve their goals,” adds BLH President and CEO, Benjamin L. Harris. “We are dedicated to keeping up to date on the latest data-reporting tools and research methods.”

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