Investing in a Bright Future
Thursday, February 12, 2015

Investing in a Bright Future: BLH Technologies upgrades its technology by revamping its data center.BLH Technologies, Inc., continues our tradition of making strong investments to better equip and help our employees, clients, and partners in reaching their goals. In particular, we use state-of-the-art systems and make sound investments in business solutions that result in secure data and information, leveraged resources, and cost-and-time efficiencies.

For example, BLH is refreshing our network infrastructure to better use the latest advances in information technology (IT) and security while remaining ahead of the technology curve. This new virtual infrastructure will improve and optimize the availability of data and services, business continuity, disaster-recovery systems and processes, network capacity, energy savings, and IT productivity. With BLH servers being virtualized, backups are easier to perform and maintain, and in the event of a server failure, the ability to recover is extremely fast.

BLH has also invested in several Deltek systems, including GovWin, Time and Expense, and GCS Premier. Through the GovWin suite of products, we receive and conduct the latest market research and analysis, capture management, opportunity assessment and management, and partner management. Also through these and additional products we’ve acquired, we are able to provide various human resource services, such as recruiting, onboarding, benefits and open enrollment, learning management, performance management, and payroll. We can also track top-secret cleared and uncleared job candidates. Collectively, these systems and products allow BLH to operate smartly, in a timely manner, and efficiently.

To ensure continual improved performance, BLH is becoming certified in Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) at Maturity Level 3. CMMI will help BLH build better products and deliver better quality services to our clients while ensuring that we are working as efficiently as possible. In particular, the CMMI-DEV model provides best practices, from government and industry, developing quality products and services to meet the needs of customers and end users.

To assist in making our services available quickly, BLH can use our diverse portfolio of contract vehicles. We are on the Mission-Oriented Business Integrated Services schedule for Integrated Consulting Services and Acquisition Management Support. BLH IT products, services, and solutions are available via the IT Schedule 70. In addition, BLH is working toward providing our quality advertising and marketing services through the General Administration Services' Advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions Schedule 541 and our quality financial services via the Financial and Business Solutions Schedule. Additional contract vehicles include the National Institutes of Health Public Information and Communication Services, NIH Conference and Administrative Travel Services II, and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration—Domain V-S: Event Planning and Logistics.

"We at BLH find great value in investing in our infrastructure," says BLH's President and Chief Executive Officer, Benjamin L. Harris. "These investments contribute to our ability as a small business to do great work and greatly benefit our employees, clients, and partners."


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